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Vertebrorevitology is a method of manual correction of backbone based on optimization of conditions for activation of reparative response of degenerating intervertebral disk complicated by the extrusion of pulpal nucleus to its full restitution.

This method was created by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov more than 10 years ago as an alternative to surgical methods of treatment of degenerative and dystrophic diseases of backbone such as protrusions and herniations of intervertebral disks. In the following years the method has been successfully developped and that can be proved by the objective results presented on the next pages. At present the method is patented in the Russian Federation (patent No.2245125 as of 27.01.2005) and in Ukraine (patent No.1160260 as of 15.03.2005)

The idea of the method applied by the clinic is to use natural non-aggressive methods of treatment. It meets in the best way the tendencies of the modern progressive medicine that first of all consist of activization of reserves of the patient's organizm.

With help of deep paravertebral massage Dr. Danilov changes the biomechanics of backbone and thus creates necessary conditions for regeneration of a disk, i.e., removes a reason of the disease.
Danilov I.M.

Danilov Igor Mikhailovich
professor, academician
author of method of

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