About the Vertebrorevitology method

In translation vertebrorevitology means “science wich gives a second life (recovering the health) to the spine”. The vertebrorevitology includes several patented methods, targeted to treatment of spine’s degenerative-dystrophic problems, as well as postsurgical palindromias of nucleus pulposus' extrusion (hernias of intervertebral discs). These methods were developed and implemented in medical practice by professor, academician Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. As of today the vertebrorevitology is the first and exclusive real step in vertebrorevitology (spinelogy), oriented to etiotropic therapy of degenerative spine disease and its complications, as evidenced above all by objective results of therapy (both nearby and far), confirmed by MRT’s medical snapshots.

Before the inception of the vertebrorevitology it was considered that osteochondrosis is impossible to heal up, and even it is impossible to put on hold this pathology’s disease progression. Actually, medicamental, physiotherapeutic methods of treatment of osteochondrosis only relieve symptoms, but do not remove the cause of disease - invertebral disc degeneration. Also traction and other physical manipulations, including the manual therapy, direct to symptoms relief. However, its application in degenerative-dystrophic changes in intervertebral disk, complicated, for example, nucleus pulposus’ fragments extrusion (hernia of intervertebral disc), not only has a therapeutic effect, but even help to faster progression of these disease. Surgical method of treatment of complications caused by spinal osteochondrosis, also can not be referred to pathogenetic methods of treatment, as far as resolve only consequence of the underlying disease, and in most cases aggravates the broken spine biomechanics. Therefore the further development of the vertebrorevitology is most actual and high priority task of spine osteochondrosis treatment: how to restore damaged spinal motion segments, as well as spinal biomechanics in the whole, and, the main thing, to prevent subsequent complications.

Danilov Igor Mikhailovich

professor, academician

Author of the
vertebrorevitology method